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July 30, 2012

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Table of Contents

Available Scripts
Getting Started
Writing Your Own

Available Scripts

Note: Version 2.5 of Trivia Quiz Shell, the game engine for Bible Quiz, is required for the most recent Bible Quiz scripts.  It provides support for additional sound files and much improved XML error reporting.  You may download the new version at no charge from the Trivia Quiz Shell Page.





Our church is changing to the new LifeWay
Gospel Project for Kids curriculum
in September 2012, so I will be unable to provide
the Bible Quiz scripts after August.


Bible Quiz Scripts
Bible Teaching for Kids 3rd and 4th Grade
August Unit: The First Missionaries (SS0812.zip, 716 KB)
(Includes sound files, requires TQS 2.5)

 July Unit: The Acts (SS0712.zip, 682 KB)

June Unit: Jesus' Parables and Miracles (SS0612.zip, 607 KB)

May Unit: Jesus' Early Ministry (SS0512.zip, 937 KB)

April Lunit: Jesus the Savior (SS0412.zip, 775 KB)
March Unit: The Prophets (SS0312.zip, 568 KB)

February Unit: A Prophet and Kings (SS0212.zip, 675 KB)

January Unit: Joshua and the Judges  (SS0112.zip, 713 KB)

December Unit: Jesus' Birth (SS1211.zip, 589 KB)

November Unit: The Exodus (SS1111.zip, 556 KB)

October Unit: The Patriarchs (SS1011.zip, 681 KB)

September Unit: The Beginning (SS0911.zip, 1.65 MB)

These games utilize Bible Story content from the Family Bible Study Series
and Bible Study for Kids series, which are copyrighted by
LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention and is used by permission.
Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the Holman Christian Standard
Bible® Copyright © 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 by Holman Bible Publishers. Used by permission. Holman
Christian Standard Bible®, Holman CSB®, and HCSB® are federally registered trademarks of
Holman Bible Publishers.

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Do you need a tool to:

bulletInvolve early arrivers in meaningful activity to give them a head start on the lesson?
bulletProvide a fun review and practice of the facts in the unit of study?
bulletInvolve children in interactive computer games that keep them asking for more?


I keep searching for new tools which can be customized to present children with interactive computer games which support the current unit of study.  One that I have begun to use extensively is Trivia Quiz Shell by Bot Productions.  The Bot Productions web site describes the free Trivia Quiz Shell in this way:

Bot Production's Trivia Quiz Shell (TQS) is an application that provides a rich platform for running custom applications. TQS, with its built-in support for trivia questions, hangman, menus, and HTML, is an excellent tool for teachers, students, or anyone to use in facilitating learning or testing knowledge. Its advanced customization abilities are well-suited for companies or individuals seeking a simple but powerful way to interactively present data.

I intend to make available my Bible Quiz (.TQS) scripts as I prepare them for each unit of study for the LifeWay Christian Resources Family Bible Series curriculum for 3rd and 4th Graders.  Since in the Family Bible Series all ages study the same scripture passage, these scripts should be usable in other age groups as well.

The new Tic-Tac-Toe game is a custom script I developed using the TQS customization features.  My kids seem to really enjoy team competition (boys vs. girls, although I try not to overdo that division).  I had tried some other Tic-Tac-Toe games, all of which had various limitations.  This version uses the identical XML question format as the existing TQS multiple-choice question category, but rewards a correct answer with the choice of an X or O on the Tic-Tac-Toe grid.  The questions and answers are randomized, and the font colors are derived from the TQS global settings.  I often use it in class as a review after the story, although early arrivers gravitate to it as well.

Bot Productions has released Version 2.5 of Trivia Quiz Shell, available as a free download. It has some great new features, the most obvious of which is sound support. In this version, each correct or incorrect answer can be supported with a special sound file. To use scripts, you must download TQS version 2.5 from http://www.botproductions.com/tqs/tqs.html. The download is free, and you must install it using the procedure described in the zip file (and outlined below).  If you are upgrading from a previous version of TQS, you must first remove the old version by running the "Uninstall TQS.bat" batch file in your TQS program folder.

TQS provides a menu navigation system and supports multiple choice questions, hangman, and matching activities.  I have used the curriculum unit questions to populate each of these activities for each Sunday in the unit.  A screen shot of the menu page for the January, 2001 unit is provided.

Two years' experience indicates that the children respond very well to this tool.  Early arrivers were able to understand the navigation immediately, and took turns going through the questions and helping one another with the answers.  Surprisingly, the "hangman" game seemed to be the most popular.  We even had some second grade children come by to join in the fun, and they had no problem with the game itself (although they needed some help reading the words).

Getting Started

Here's what you need to do to try TQS in your setting:

  1. Download the Trivia Quiz Shell (tqs.zip, 69 KB) either directly or from the Trivia Quiz Shell page at Bot Productions.
  2. Install TQS on your computer by following the instructions in the readme.txt file.  Running the Install TQS.bat file will register script files with the .TQS extension to be run by TQS.
    To install Trivia Quiz Shell, first extract the files from TQS.ZIP to any folder (such as C:\Program Files\TQS). The following files will be extracted:

    Install TQS.bat
    Uninstall TQS.bat

    To install, double-click the file called "Install TQS".
  3. Download the desired script from the table of available scripts above.
  4. Unzip the script (and associated graphics files) into a convenient directory.  I recommend that you keep each month's script and graphics in a separate directory.
  5. Double-click the script file (such as SS0101.tqs) to start up TQS and run the quiz.

Writing Your Own

The TQS script is written in XML, and is not terribly difficult to modify.  Version 2.5 of Trivia Quiz Shell has helped by adding much-improved trouble-shooting hints.  Still, my advice is to make a copy of one of my scripts and modify a small portion at a time, saving copies frequently so you can go back to a working version if something breaks.

To write your own, I strongly suggest that you visit the Trivia Quiz Shell page at Bot Productions.  Full documentation and an excellent tutorial are available there.  If you seriously want to write your own scripts, I urge you to work through the tutorial so you will gain a good understanding of the capabilities of the product.

If you come up with some good scripts, I would much appreciate receiving a copy (email to tjcook@earthlink.net).  Let me know if you are willing to have me add them to this page so others an use them.


TQS has good support for graphics to illustrate the questions.  The images I include in the script file ZIP come from the following sources:

bulletArtToday Web Site: http://www.arttoday.com/
Searchable archive of 150 GB of images, many Bible story images. Various membership subscription plans are available starting at $10.
bulletChristian ClickArt: CD-ROM
Excellent source of clipart. Categorized image catalogue provided in book format. Locate in local computer stores such as CompUSA, typically on sale at $29.95
bulletChristian Computer Art: http://www.cc-art.com/
Provides several CD collections; my favorites are the Bible Picture Library of Photo Art CD-ROM: 1800 color images, famous artists, photographs--excellent resource. In addition, the Bible Picture Library of Line Art CD-ROM contains drawings, including color versions of the illustrations found in the Good News for Modern Man Bible. ~$50 per CD, discounts for sets (somewhat expensive, but worth it!)

For additional graphics sources, see Media Resources on The Sunday School Page.

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