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Seven Laws of Teaching

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August 04, 2006

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John Milton Gregory
Superintendent of Public Instruction

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1. The Law of the Teacher

bullet Teachers must be fully equipped with the knowledge they wish to communicate
bulletFresh study and preparation are keys to enriched teaching.

2. The Law of the Learner

bulletStudent interest and attention must be generated by the teacher.
bulletA teacher's enthusiasm is contagious with students.

3. The Law of the Lesson

bulletLessons are best begun with common and familiar experiences.
bullet Excellent teachers understand the background of their pupils and use it as a starting point.

4. The Law of the Language

bulletThe words used by teachers must be easily understood by students.
bullet Illustrations, natural objects, and visual aids are important to good communication.

5. The Law of the Teaching Process

bulletExpert teachers arouse and direct self-activities by their students, thus stimulating them to learn for themselves.
bulletStudent skills grow with practical exercises involving their minds.

6. The Law of the Learning Process

bullet Excellent education helps learners to be investigative discoverers.
bulletReal and valuable learning is more than memorization.

7. The Law of Review and Application

bulletReview perfects knowledge, confirms knowledge, arid makes knowledge ready and useful.
bullet Practical reviews are characteristic of excellent teachers.

Read the entire book, The Seven Laws of Teaching by John Milton Gregory, or access online at Google Books,
available as a free PDF download.

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