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Last Updated October 14, 1999

Begin Now...

Read this list of statements carefully:

When people are enrolled in Sunday School, they are taught the Bible--God's revelation to persons.
Learning is curiosity linked to action.
The Bible tells us where we came from, who we are, and where we are going.
The textbook of the Sunday School is the Bible.
Curriculum materials are support for the Bible study session--no more, no less.
Learning is significantly affected by the setting.
A loving, caring teacher who has prepared to share the riches of God's truth can find a group of learners ready to learn.
Provide for the people; they will "pay" their own way.
There is no teaching until there is learning.
The goal of Christian teaching is encounter with the living Christ that leads to individual response.



Now, prepare a 45 second speech about it. Use the space below to start your thinking--and have fun until called on!

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