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April 12, 2006

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The purpose of The Sunday School Page is to provide on-line resources and support for teachers and leaders who want to provide an exciting, relevant, and growing Bible teaching program. The vision statement is simply Better Bible Teaching for More People.

Feel free to use the material on this page in any way for  your personal study or in your local ministry.  I do request that you observe the following simple restrictions:

  1. Do not charge for the use of this material (beyond simple cost recovery for reproduction)
  2. For those pages which include a copyright notice, you must also include the notice in any form of reproduction
  3. Please help others learn about and use The Sunday School Page by including an appropriate version of this recognition on any collection of material:

Material provided by Thomas J. Cook
The Sunday School Page

The Sunday School Page is a not-for-profit undertaking and is not directly affiliated with or supported by any church or denomination.  It is provided as the personal ministry of Thomas J. Cook of Columbus, Ohio.  The content on the page is, however, definitely influenced by the personal experience of the author and reflects his long-term familiarity with and appreciation of methodology and curriculum materials provided by the Southern Baptist Convention.  At the same time, the principles and approaches supported by materials on this web site have general applicability to any denomination or situation, providing the objective of that Sunday School ministry is focused on evangelism, ministry, and Bible teaching.

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The Sunday School Page is a member of the Teachers for Christ ministry, which was established to encourage Christians to teach others about Christ while living a life that would be pleasing to Him.

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About Thomas J. Cook

Thomas J. CookI became a Christian at the age of twelve, and am currently a member of the Jersey Baptist Church, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. My (volunteer) responsibility there since 1996 is working Sydney in two Sunday School dpeartments: an early (8:30 a.m.) class which involves all the children who attend at that hour, ages kindergarten through grade 6; and a 9:45 fourth grade children's department.  I also serve as Vacation Bible School director.

I am also active as a consultant for the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio, and am available through their organization to lead conferences in local churches.

I previously served for eight years at Jersey as Bible Teaching Director, which included responsibility for administering the Sunday School program and other short-term programs such as Vacation Bible School. During that time the Sunday School organization grew from an average attendance of 80 to dual Sunday Schools supporting an attendance of 600.  I sincerely believe that the Sunday School, properly organized and functioning, is the best way to accomplish the Great Commission in the ministry of the local church.

My theological views are basically those of evangelical Christianity with Calvinist leanings. My favorite chapter of the Bible is Romans 8.

Church Service:


Profession of Faith and Baptism
First Baptist Church, Frankfort, KY


Junior Department Ass’t Superintendent
First Baptist Church, Frankfort, KY


Junior Boys Teacher
First Baptist Church, Nashville, TN
(Carroll Street Mission)


Sunday School Director
Cornell Ave. Baptist Church, Chicago, IL


Adult Men’s Teacher
Outreach Director
Terrill Road Baptist, Scotch Plains, NJ


Youth Division Director
Bible Teaching Director
First Baptist Church, Gahanna, OH


Bible Teaching Director
Jersey Baptist Church, Pataskala, OH


Fourth Grade Teacher
Jersey Baptist Church, Pataskala, OH


bulletBorn November 9, 1944, in Shelbyville, Kentucky
bulletAccepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior on March 12, 1956, at First Baptist Church, Frankfort, Kentucky
bulletMarried to Sydney Jane Bruce Cook on August 15, 1966, at First Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee, by Pastor H. Franklin Paschal, then president of the Southern Baptist Convention.  No children.


I worked for Bell Laboratories in research and development areas since 1972, predominantly in software development. (Bell Labs is currently part of Lucent Technologies; previously it was part of AT&T, and  even earlier it was part of the Bell System.)  I consider my chief technical accomplishment during that time as working with the Unix operating system, including writing some of the communications drivers for Unix System 3 and managing integration of much of the inter-process communication capabilities of Unix.  In 2003 I retired from Lucent and am currently employed by Unicon International as software architect for a Lucent project.


bulletFranklin County High School, Frankfort, Kentucky, 1962
bulletB.A. with honors in Chemistry, magna cum laude, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, 1966
bulletPh.D. in Physical Chemistry, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, 1972

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Thomas J. Cook, Webmaster
Updated: Wednesday, April 12, 2006
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