Lifeway Christian Resources (formerly the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention) provides some excellent online resources in addition to their printed resources. This page contains links to some of the best age-group resources for Sunday School workers. Check them out!

You may also wish to check out the rest of the Lifeway site, which can be reached through

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Understanding Age Group Characteristics


The key to effectively teaching any age group is understanding how they learn, ways they develop, and their life situations. LifeWay Christian Resources has graciously provided on-line access to its outstanding series of books describing characteristics of each age group.   These provide an excellent resource in learning about the developmental characteristics, life needs, and learning methods appropriate for each age group.  They deal with physical, emotional, psychological, social, intellectual, and spiritual developmental aspects.

Teachers and parents will find this information of tremendous help in better understanding and dealing with adult, youth, children, and preschool behavior, needs, and learning styles.

These links are to the LifeWay site.  The on-line format allows the material to be updated often to reflect latest information.

These books are available in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format or in HTML for free download or on-line access.  Print editions may also be ordered for a nominal fee ($5.95 plus shipping; call LifeWay Customer Service at 1-800-458-2772.)

To download, click on, then click on "Ministry Downloads" in the left-hand navigation menu.

bulletUnderstanding Today's Adults: 25 Years and Older
bulletDeveloping Tomorrow's Leaders Today: Understanding Young Adults 18-24 Years
bulletIntroducing the 21st Century Teenager
bulletUnderstanding Today's Children: Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today 
bulletUnderstanding Today's Preschoolers: Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Monthly tips and helps for leaders of adults, plus archives of previous leadership articles. Also included is Adult EXTRA!, weekly teaching supplements drawn from current events, statistics, and media illustrations that relate to Bible study lessons in both of LifeWay's Sunday School curriculum series.
Christian Single is the magazine for successful single living.  Every month you can find a balanced look at single living including relationships, career, finances, sex, entertainment, current events, and anything else in your life.
Information about resources for youth and leaders of youth;
Evangelism, ministry, and outreach ideas;
Information about events of interest to youth;
Weekly EXTRA! Sunday School teaching supplements.
True Love Waits True Love Waits is an effective abstinence-based sexual support program for teens and college students, with outstanding participation among many Christian groups around the world.
The Children's Teachers' page provides leadership articles and resources for children's workers, helps for ministry to children and parents, and EXTRA! (weekly supplemental teaching ideas for teachers using all lines of curriculum ). 
This site contains excellent materials for children, parents, and teachers, as well as general officers.
Preschool Preschool
Features include information about preschool Bible study resources; ministry approaches for preschoolers and their families;  Also included are article archives on a variety of subjects, such as "How to set guidelines for preschool space." Supplemental teaching ideas for each age group are available for each month's lesson topics in EXTRA!