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Last Updated December 17, 2003

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Here are my personal recommendations of books which are available for direct purchase from www.amazon.com, the internet bookstore. This page is provided as a service to visitors to The Sunday School Page. I have personally ordered many books from amazon.com and find their service prompt and accurate.


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Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions; George Barna, Regal Books (November 2003)
This new book explains Barna's finding that the best investment
of ministry energy and resources in today's world is with children.
The subtitle is "Why children should be your church's #1 priority."
Be Intolerant: Because Some Things Are Just Stupid; Ryan Dobson and Jefferson Scott, Multnomah Publishers Inc. (September 2003)
This book by Dr. James Dobson's son is written to the current youth culture. Alarming numbers of Christians eighteen to twenty-five years old believe that there is no such thing as absolute truth. Yet, Ryan Dobson proclaims, we can't even function if we believe that everything is relative. In his first book, the impassioned youth speaker explains God's establishment of absolutes, using relevant examples to awaken Christians to the world's desperate hunger for absolute truth.
Hymns for a Kid's Heart; Bobbie Wolgemuth, Joni Eareckson Tada, and Sergio Martinez; Crossway Books (August 2003)
This book and CD is an outstanding compilation of the great hymns of the church for children, but adults will find it fascinating as well.  The CD contains the hymns performed by children with some help from Joni Earekson Tada, with great orchestrations and quality musical quality.  The book contains the text of the hymns with a child-friendly story of the background and history of each one.
The Power of Vision; George Barna, Regal Books (May 2003)
Vision is the key to leadership and to growing a church or Sunday School.  Without a well-defined and articulated vision on the part of the pastor, teacher, or Sunday School director, little will be accomplished.  This book of only 192 pages explains what a vision is, how to define it, and how to apply it in the face of vision-killers and nay-sayers.
The Discipline Guide for Children's Ministry; Judy Capehart, Gordon West, and Becki West, Group Publishing, Paperback
Practical approach to class management based on sound developmental principles.  Make Sunday School classes fun for both teachers and pupils!
The Dirt on Learning; Thom and Joni Schultz, Group Publishing, Paperback
A thought-provoking approach to evaluating learning in your church with considerations of principles and approaches that really make a difference in the lives of the pupils.
Touching Hearts, Changing Lives: Becoming a Treasured Teacher; Jody Capehart and Lori Haynes Niles, Group Publishing, Paperback
How to make a lasting impression on your pupils through appropriate teaching methods, understanding of individual learning styles, and practical tips for teachers of children.  Includes training materials for your church.
Awesome Volunteers; Christine Yount, Group Publishing, Paperback
A compendium of ideas from Children's Ministry Magazine on practical how-to's of enlisting, motivating, training, and keeping good teachers.  Lots of case studies based on interviews with excellent teachers.
Why Nobody Learns Much of Anything at Church and How to Fix It; Thom and Joni Schultz, 1993, Group Publishing, Paperback
After setting the stage with evidence of the church's inadequate job of reaching and teaching all age groups, the Schultzes provide practical help in how to use Jesus' own principles of active learning to make a real difference in pupil involvement, learning retention, deeper understanding, better life application, and better attendance.
The Second Coming of the Church; George Barna, 1998, Word Publishing, Hardcover
A "must" read for those who are working to transform their church's ministry in the new millennium.  After professionally observing the state of the Christian church in America for decades, Barna provides his unique perspective on what the state of Christianity really is, where it's heading, and what urgently needs to change to avoid disaster.
Learning Styles: Reaching Everyone God Gave You to Teach; Marlene D. Lefever, 1995, David C. Cook Publishing, Paperback
Marlene Lefever is one of my favorite authors.  In this book she provides real insight into how people learn, along with practical steps to support individual learning.  The four learning styles (Imaginative, Dynamic, Analytic, and Common Sense) are classifications of the way a person perceives things best and then uses the perceived knowledge.  Understanding learning styles and adjusting our teaching or parenting to them allows us to reach everyone God gives us to teach.
Creative Teaching Methods: Be an Effective Christian Teacher; Marlene D. Lefever, 1985, Cook Ministry Resources, Paperback
This practical book on the practice of creativity in the classroom will help teachers of every age group to deepen the spiritual life of the pupils by providing unique ways to hear the Word of God and call forth new personal resources from the pupils in respond to its challenge.
The Antioch Effect: 8 Characteristics of Highly Effective Churches; Ken Hemphill; Paperback
Ken Hemphill shares ministry approaches, leadership styles, and other "personality traits" of successful churches. Evaluate your church; build on your strengths, and work to shore up your weaknesses.
Revitalizing the Sunday Morning Dinosaur : A Sunday School Growth Strategy for the 21st Century; Ken Hemphill; Paperback
Ken Hemphill, currently President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, served as pastor of Port Norfolk Baptist Church, one of the fastest growing churches in the convention. This book grows out of his confidence in the Sunday School as the best growth agent the church has today, with great advice on how to overcome obstacles.
The Bonsai Theory of Church Growth; Kenneth S. Hemphill; Paperback
Hemphill wrote this book for the layman. It likens the process of growing Bonsai trees to that of growing a Sunday School. The basics are all here, laid out in a compelling way that anyone can grasp.
44 Ways to Expand the Teaching Ministry of Your Church; Lyle E. Schaller; Paperback
I much appreciate the writings of Schaller. He is master of the illustration, making his points with stories and anecdotes. This book points out that the Sunday School program has fallen into disuse and ill regard today simply because people don't work at it. Schaller tells how to help your Sunday School program recover from this neglect and become the major growth, fellowship, and ministry arm of your church, in addition to its teaching function.
Never Tell Anybody Anything You Can Get Them to Discover for Themselves; James E. Taulman; Paperback
Taulman provides some excellent advice on teaching any age group, with helpful examples of various teaching techniques drawn from adult Sunday School curriculum materials.
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