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Last Updated September 02, 2002

Congratulations on being asked to serve in this significant position of leadership! Your position may actually be called "superintendent" or even "director of religious education," but if you are responsible for leading a Bible teaching organization, we have some encouragement for you here at The Sunday School Page.

I started this page after participating in a task force in Nashville with (what was then) the Sunday School Board, at which it became very apparent that many Sunday School Directors were ready and willing to undertake the task, but had no idea where to begin and really no one to mentor them.

Please check out the materials on my web. I suggest you start with the Sunday School Topics page at http://sschool.com/content/. The links under Director Helps are the place to start.

In particular, make sure you look at:
Advice to New Sunday School Directors, http://sschool.com/content/advice.htm
The Role of the Sunday School Director, http://sschool.com/content/ssdir.htm
What Does a General Officer Do on Sunday Mornings?, http://sschool.com/content/GOtasks.htm
The Minister of Education Supporting the Sunday School, http://sschool.com/content/ME_SS.htm

[This last one may be somewhat overwhelming...after all, you aren't a Minister of Education. But it should still give you some ideas of what might be done.]

Finally, if you have additional questions not covered here, or if you wish to share your experiences to help encourage others, we invite you to join us in the Sunday School Discussion Forum.  There you can post a question to which others will respond, or add your own input to a discussion thread already posted.  There are at this point some 200 folks who subscribe to the forum and receive email whenever a new posting is added; you are welcome to join us by adding your email address to the "Subscribe" field (just click on "Subscribe" at the top of the page).

If you have any more questions, or can think of any additional information that might be helpful on The Sunday School Page, please let me know. I would much appreciate the opportunity to improve the page.

Thomas J. Cook


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Thomas J. Cook, Webmaster
Updated: Monday, September 02, 2002