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Last Updated January 25, 2001

Last modified January 25, 2001

Sunday School Topics

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This page contains links to a collection of articles and presentations on various topics related to Sunday School. Some are articles which I have authored or collected from various sources. Some are PowerPoint presentations which cover various aspects of Sunday School work. This material has been presented in various forums around the state of Ohio in my capacity as a State Sunday School Consultant. Using the Microsoft PowerPoint Internet Assistant (PIA) to convert the presentations to WEB pages is the best way I know to make this material readily available.

If you have not used PIA-generated web pages before, please take a look at the PowerPoint tips section to get the most out of these pages.

Thanks again for visiting The Sunday School Page and your interest in Sunday School work! I would appreciate any comments or suggestions you would be willing to send.

Director Helps

Advice to new Sunday School Directors
Practical advice on what the job of a Sunday School director really is.
T.E.A.M. Day 1995
This training resource is a presentation prepared for the major teacher training event for the Jersey Baptist Church as a kickoff for our Sunday School organizational year. It covers the basics of Sunday School work (at a high level), majors on inspiration and motivation, and introduces our local promotional and training events.
new.gif (1284 bytes)What Does a General Officer Do on Sunday Morning?
Much of the job of a Sunday School Director must really be accomplished before Sunday morning arrives...but this helpful checklist will give you ideas about how to profitably spend your time encouraging others and keeping the wheels of the organization oiled during the Sunday morning session.

Teacher Helps

Advice to new Sunday School Teachers
Not how-to, but background material on the nature of the task and the calling  of a Sunday School teacher.
new.gif (1284 bytes)Seven Laws of Teaching
Abstracted from the book of the same title, these seven principles are of great help to both secular and spiritual educators today. Formulated in 1884 by John Milton Gregory, Superintendent of Public Instruction in Michigan and founder of the University of Illinois, these concise reminders have helped generations of teachers in their task.
new.gif (1284 bytes)Teaching Quotes Worksheet
This worksheet contains discussion starters about the task of the Sunday School teacher. It is designed for use as an early-arrival activity or opening activity for a teacher conference or training session, and does a great job helping folks get focused on the topic of Sunday School work.
The Call of the Sunday School Teacher
A PowerPoint 97 presentation of the motivation and foundation of the Sunday School teacher's calling.
Technology and the Sunday School
A discussion of the impact and potential uses of computer technology in the Sunday School.

Member Helps

Congratulations to New Sunday School Members
Reprint of an out-of-print 1976 flyer by Mavis Allen (Baptist Sunday School Board) which is the best tool I've seen to orient new Sunday School members.  Includes good scripture reference summary.

Attendance Promotions

new.gif (1284 bytes)Gold Medal Growth Campaign: Sunday School Olympics
Article from Growing Churches magazine containing details about our 1996 summer Sunday School growth campaign among six churches in Columbus, along with principles contributing to its success.
The Use and Abuse of Big Days
An article on advantages and disadvantages of high attendance Sundays and other Sunday School promotions and emphases.
Sunday School High Attendance Promotions
This PowerPoint 97 presentation relates some of the approaches to High Attendance days and campaigns that have worked for us at Jersey, with principles which can be applied to your church situation.

Children's Work

Kids on the Internet
The Internet is a great place for children, but some simple rules will help avoid the dangers they might encounter.  An excellent guide for parents.
Reprint of an article from ParentLife, November 1997, LifeWay Press, Nashville, TN;
Teaching Children's Sunday School
A presentation addressing the specific area of teaching children (school grades 1-6), including life needs, teaching methods, etc. This material is based on, but not limited to, curriculum from the Baptist Sunday School Board, Nashville, Tennessee.

Vacation Bible School

new.gif (1284 bytes)StarQuest™: A Galactic Good News Adventure[StarQuest™ Logo]
Learning about God's everlasting love for us...understanding how that love can change our lives forever... and exploring what Jesus wants us to do during our life here on planet Earth.
Check out this year's new VBS curriculum from the Sunday School Board--rated number one by Children's Ministry Magazine. Based on a space exploration theme, the material looks great--it's what we'll be using at Jersey Baptist!
new.gif (1284 bytes)Vacation Bible School -- Changing Lives
This testimony from the experience of an Ohio church presents a poignant picture of what far-reaching results can come from the investment of time and resources in conducting an effective Vacation Bible School program.

General Articles

Christianity in the Workplace
This paper provides a discussion of the Christian World View from an apologetic perspective. The intent of this article was to help fellow, non-Christian employees better understand the motivation and background of attitudes and actions of Christians in the workplace. This is definitely not a Sunday School article, but could be used as a discussion starter in an adult class.

More to come! Send email to Thomas J. Cook to suggest your topics of interest.

Tips for using PowerPoint Internet Assistant pages

PowerPoint Internet Assistant provides two versions of each presentation slide-a graphic version and a text version. If you have a reasonably fast communication link, the graphics version will permit you to see all the graphic content of the presentation, which will be missed in the text version.

A significant portion of each page consists of the notes section, located below the navigation buttons. I use the notes to elaborate on the outline provided in the slide proper. Don't forget to read them!

Each slide has four navigation buttons (if appropriate. You may go forward to the next slide, backward to the previous slide, return to the beginning of the presentation (the index page), or switch between the graphic and text views.

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For additional information, please send email to Thomas J. Cook

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