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Prince of Egypt

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Last Updated October 14, 1999


By Debbie Zachariah
Director of Children and Preschool Ministries
The Jersey Baptist Church

This past week I attended the showing of The Prince of Egypt and walked away encouraged and excited about the Biblical story of Moses. I would strongly recommend this movie and encourage inviting your child's friends and family to attend with you. The film is rated PG and is family friendly. Because of the fast pace and complex story line, I recommend the movie for ages 8 and older.

Here are some suggested tips to help prepare your child for the movie:

You and your child will be drawn in with intense emotion as you see the faith and obedience of Moses' 80 years of life through the story. For example, in one scene the story line creates a personal awareness of the faith in God the Hebrew people must have had when they experienced walking on dry land through the parted waters of the Red Sea. Another example is Moses' personal talk with God himself at the burning bush.
Even though many well-known and respected theologians and scholars had contributed to make the Biblical account of Moses' life highly accurate, there are some inconsistencies within the movie. For example: Pharaoh's wife found Moses in the movie instead of Pharaoh's daughter, as Exodus tells us. Since older children love a challenge, you may want to have them try to point out the inaccuracies between scriptural truth and Hollywood's viewpoints.
Prepare your child by reading about the life of Moses found in Exodus I - 14 of the Bible. It will help your child understand the rapid flow of Moses' 80 years of life condensed down into a 90-minute story line. This preparation will help your child follow the sequence of events as they quickly occur in the movie and give him a background of the Biblical truths.
The movie ends with Moses holding the Ten Commandments...a wonderful reminder that God has given a moral foundation for all of us, not just the Hebrews, to follow and obey. My prayer is that this movie will inspire you to further study God's Word to discover anew the principles, guidelines and boundaries He has so graciously given us in helping teach our children right from wrong.

CAUTION! There is a small amount of violence during the oppression of two slaves in bondage early into the film, and during the Passover death scene. Please talk and discuss with your child(ren) about this Biblical truth, in order to help prepare them to the emotional impact this scene may have on them.

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Updated: Thursday, October 14, 1999