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Bible Study Page
General SS Resources
Age Group Resources
Internet SS Resources (Links)
Recommended Books
Computer Resources (Web HowTo)

General Resources

One of the most helpful resources available should be support from your denomination. In the Southern Baptist Convention, we are supported by a variety of training events from local Associational training events, state-wide events, and training provided at the national conference centers, Ridgecrest, North Carolina and Glorietta, New Mexico. These events are all designed to equip workers in the local church to effectively minister to the pupils in their classrooms. These clinics and conferences form an excellent foundation for our own local church training events. Contact your local denominational representative for specific information.

The curriculum materials you use should also be backed up with training materials designed to help workers use them efficiently and effectively. Also, check with your curriculum vendor for offerings of training events provided by the publisher. We use LifeWay Christian Resources curriculum materials; many churches of various denominations have chosen this excellent line of quarterly-published material as well. [For information about LifeWay curriculum, a catalog, and an order form, call 1-800-458-2772 for the Customer Service Center of LifeWay Christian Resources.]

Internet Resources

Links to other Web sites of interest:

bulletSunday School: Learning to Live the Life -- Outstanding source of free Sunday School resources from Assemblies of God USA, including resources for teachers and administrators. 
bulletChildrensMinistry -- A great starting point for all kinds of Christian children's ministries, including an "Idea Swap" discussion forum.
bulletMiami Christian University Virtual Library and Pastoral Resource Center
bulletLeadership University -- a virtual university with a distinct focus: Jesus Christ
bulletA Christian Thinktank -- "Critically examine everything; hold on to the good." (1 Thess. 5:21)
bulletGrace Notes Bible Study Resources
bulletHelping Churches Grow Page (Josh Hunt)
bullet Into the Wardrobe: The C. S. Lewis Web site
bulletJohn C. Maxwell's INJOY organization
bulletOfficial Promise Keepers Web Site
bulletOur Daily Bread
bulletRenewing Your Mind (R. C. Sproul)
bulletYouth Specialties

Recommended Books

Some books that I have found useful:

bulletAnderson, Leith, Dying for Change: an Arresting Look at the New Realities Confronting Churches, Bethany House Publishers, Minneapolis, c1990
bulletBarna, George, The Frog in the Kettle: What Christians need to Know about Life in the Year 2000, Regal Books, Ventura, CA, c1990
bulletBarna, George, The Power of Vision: How You Can Capture and Apply God's Vision for Your Ministry, Regal Books, Ventura, CA, c1992
bulletColeman, Lucien E., Why the Church Must Teach, ISBN 0-8054-3234-5
bulletHemphill, Ken, and Jones, R. Wayne, Growing an Evangelistic Sunday School, Broadman Press, Nashville, c1989
bulletJackson, Neil E., 100 Great Growth Ideas, Broadman Press, Nashville, c1990
bulletJones, R. Wayne, Overcoming Barriers to Sunday School Growth, Broadman Press, Nashville, c1987
bulletMcIntosh, Gary, and Martin, Glen, Finding Them, Keeping Them: Effective Strategies for Evangelism and Assimilation in the Local Church, Broadman Press, Nashville, c1992
bulletPiland, Harry M., and Spooner, Bernard M., The People Challenge: Sunday School Outreach, Convention Press, Nashville, c1985
bulletPiland, Harry M., and Adams, Ernest, BREAKTHROUGH Sunday School Work, Convention Press, Nashville, c1991
bulletPiland, Harry M., and Burcham, Arthur D., Evangelism through the Sunday School, Convention Press, Nashville, c1989
bulletRichards, Lawrence O,, Creative Bible Teaching, ISBN 0-8024-1640-3
bulletSchaller, Lyle E., 44 Ways to Expand the Teaching Ministry of Your Church, Abingdon Press, Nashville, c1992
bulletSisemore, John T., Church Growth through the Sunday School, ISBN 0-8054-6237-6
bulletVines, Jerry, Wanted: Church Growers, Broadman Press, Nashville, c1990
bulletWilkins, Jerry, Marketing your Sunday School: Strategies for the 21st Century, Broadman Press, Nashville, c1992

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