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Role of the Sunday School Director

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Last Updated September 14, 2000

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Discovering My Essential Role
as Sunday School Director

"The Sunday School director is essential in leading
the Sunday School to do the tasks it's assigned to do."
Bill J. Taylor, 21 Truths, Traditions, & Trends

 Essential is an appropriate word to describe the fundamental importance of the role of a Sunday School director. By using this word, Bill Taylor relates his conviction that a strong, lay Sunday School director is of absolute importance to the success of Sunday School work in an individual church and throughout our Convention.

Sunday School director, it is hard to overstate the importance of your role. You have responsibility for overall direction of the largest organized group of leaders in most churches—a group responsible for life-changing teaching of God's Word and for reaching efforts that bring people to Christ as Savior! Awesome!

You know that your work is essential. Did you also know that, as Sunday School director, you are a PEOPLE person?

Roles of Sunday School Director


As a PLANNER, you lead in setting the direction for your Sunday School through annual, monthly, and weekly planning. In annual planning you bring together leaders who represent various aspects of the work of your Sunday School

Together you ask God for a direction and a dream for your work; together you evaluate present work; together you begin to determine needs and priorities from that evaluation. You lead this team to establish goals and to develop plans and you budget to accomplish those goals.

In monthly planning you chair the Sunday School Council and guide the monthly council meeting. In these meetings, details are developed for carrying out the plans of the Sunday School. Current and future needs are also addressed.

In weekly planning, your Sunday School plans the work of each unit, including preparation to provide life-changing Bible teaching.

As an EQUIPPER, you invest in your leaders and equip "the saints for the work of service (Ephesians 4:12, NASB). Become your Sunday School’s "Number 1" champion for training. Make training a known priority. Care enough about your workers to know how effectively they are serving now, and through training seek to equip them to function at even higher levels in the future. Take a personal interest in your workers and their needs.

Ensure that training resources are readily available and that workers are aware of their value and use. Include money for training in the church budget. Use a variety of avenues to train your leaders: individual consultation; mentoring relationships; books, magazines, and videotapes; and training events conducted at your church, association, state convention, and Glorieta and Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Centers.

By becoming a dedicated equipper, you will make a difference in the lives of your leaders—and in the lives of those with whom they work.

As an ORGANIZER, you help your Sunday School function at optimum levels. A strong organization is essential to a healthy Sunday School. Annually, determine the best organization for quality teaching and growth to occur in your Sunday School. Provide the appropriate size of departments and classes. Seek to develop a strong, well-equipped Sunday School staff.

Continually seek to discover new Sunday School leaders through potential leader training and other avenues of discovery. See that new leaders are enlisted personally by the person to whom they will be responsible. Provide all workers with the appropriate written job description. Commit to start new units as opportunities arise.

As a PROVIDER, you help energize your Sunday School. Become an advocate for your Sunday School and, within the financial constraints of your church, try to provide the resources, equipment, and training your leaders need. Develop a detailed annual Sunday School budget.

As a LEADER, you are the guide for your Sunday School. Share your passion and vision. Clearly communicate the purpose of your Sunday School and how it seeks to carry out its tasks.

Involve Sunday School leaders in planning the total work. Include them in developing goals for the Sunday School, as well as for their departments, classes, or areas of work. One mark of an effective director is that other leaders have ownership for the work of the Sunday School as well as for their own responsibility.

As an ENCOURAGER, you add vitality and joy to the service of your Sunday School leaders. Take a personal interest in the leaders of your Sunday School. Know their capabilities, and compliment them with credibility. Use people as positive illustrations. Support your leaders in their work. Respond quickly tot heir needs; and serve as their advocate when needed. Plan special events and actions to motivate and encourage leaders.


  1. Lead in establishing a Sunday School organization for reaching and teaching.
  2. Direct an ongoing emphasis on worker enlistment.
  3. Involve all workers in providing effective Bible study.
  4. Guide all workers to become effective witnesses.
  5. Develop or strengthen the outreach-evangelism program.
  6. Determine training needs of workers.
  7. Develop a comprehensive training plan.
  8. Direct Sunday School planning meetings.
  9. Give direction to determining action plans, events, emphases, and projects.
  10. Lead workers in setting goals.
  11. Direct the selection and use of curriculum materials.
  12. Recommend to the church financial and physical needs of the Sunday School.
  13. Maintain and use Sunday School records.
  14. Inform Sunday School leaders about the church and denomination.
  15. Report the progress of the Sunday School to the church.
  16. Evaluate the work of the Sunday School.


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