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Last Updated December 31, 1998

0518_002.jpg (49620 bytes)StarQuest: A Galactic Good News Adventure is a terrific theme, with lots of potential for introducing boys and girls to the wonders of God's creation.  Plan to emphasize the beauty and majesty of the heavens and the real-world excitement of space exploration.

The ladies of our church constructed the illustrated rocket and launch pad to serve as pre-VBS publicity in the Narthex of Jersey Baptist Church and then serve at the centerpiece stage decoration for our worship celebration.  Standing nine feet tall, the rocket is made of a tubular concrete pouring form for the fuselage, with an assortment of plastic flowerpots forming the upper and lower sections.  Contact paper and black tape VBS Insignia(duct tape and electrical tape) provide the decoration. A copy of the VBS insignia is available if you would like to use it.

The launch tower is made of plastic storage crates, with assorted aluminum baking pans providing interesting texture.  Christmas tree lights help with a high-tech look and attract attention.

We used the rocket in conjunction with the stand-up space shuttle, which included a sign with the logistics information about the school.

See http://www.bssb.com/yourvbs/ for additional promotion/decoration ideas.   If you have any special ideas to contribute (concepts, plans, photographs, etc.) mail them to me at tjcook@earthlink.net for possible inclusion on this site.

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