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March 30, 2006

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This page contains a selection of various software resources which I have personally used and found valuable.

Red_Ball70A1.gif (916 bytes) Miscellaneous Windows Stuff
Red_Ball70A1.gif (916 bytes) Miscellaneous WWW Stuff
Red_Ball70A1.gif (916 bytes) Media
Red_Ball70A1.gif (916 bytes) Java Applets (as used on Kidz Web Home)

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Miscellaneous Windows Stuff

These are windows tools and utilities that I have found useful in developing the content of this web site and generally in other ways.  See also specific resources I use in teaching children in Sunday School on the children's  Computer Resources page.

bulletMicrosoft Agent technology, available free from Microsoft, can be used effectively to provide an animated narration of a Bible story or other information.  See details on the Microsoft Agent page, and examples of its use in our class on the Bible Story Page.
bulletUtility: WinZip—Windows ZIP file utility (Shareware, $29)
bulletGraphics: JASC Paint Shop Pro is a full-featured painting and image manipulation program (Shareware, $69).
bulletGraphics: LView Pro 2.0 is a full featured 32-bit Image Processor program, that handles the image formats found on Microsoft Windows® environments and Internet Web pages (Shareware, $40).
bulletGraphics Viewer: ACDSee32—the fastest image viewer for Win95 available (Shareware, $30).
bulletUtility: WinCode—a compression utility which deals with almost any compression format used in email, Netnews, etc. Full support for UUE, XXE, USR, BASE64 (MIME), BINHEX, BTOA and BOO. Includes ability to e-mail/post data (Freeware).
bulletMcAfee Virus Scan and removal software is a must to protect your computer from possible viruses and worms. [There are several other good antivirus utilities available as well.] Get an antivirus package and use it! Keep your data files updated every other month as new downloadable versions are available--new viruses are introduced frequently.
bulletNews Reader: Forte Free Agent—simply the best Netnews and email reader; the free version is Freeware, or upgrade to the full Forte Agent for $29.
bulletEducation: Join Ziff Davis Publishers at ZDNet University for on-line courses. Lectures and assignments are posted each week, and registered students can ask questions and help one another in an on-line discussion forum. Register for as many classes as you wish from a large selection of courses (from C++ to Graphics to Web Mastering) for $4.95/month.
bulletCatalog: Where Is It? The ultimate media cataloging software for Windows 95 and Windows NT. It takes snapshots of your floppy disks, CD-ROMs, removable drives etc, and stores the data for future reference in the catalog. Later, you can use this data to search, browse, locate, compare,... (Shareware, $30)

Miscellaneous WWW Stuff

These are World Wide Web tools and resources I have found useful in developing this web site.

bullet Microsoft Internet Explorer—free download for Windows, Macintosh, Solaris. Microsoft reports 40% market share in the browser market. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/
bulletThe most popular FTP client for Windows is WS_FTP. Essential for managing files on a remote server. (Free version available for personal use; $37.50 commercial version)
bulletFor an HTML editor and full-functioned web site manager, my preference is Microsoft FrontPage. See details at http://www.microsoft.com/frontpage/
bulletDynamic Drive DHTML is an online source for many free Dynamic HTML and JavaScript ideas and tools used on The Sunday School Page.  Some of the available tools are:
bulletTextual Tooltip (The navigation table of contents used on The Sunday School Page home page)
bulletFloating Image Script (Used on the home page for the 3D effect on the navigation buttons)
bulletPop-Up Image Script (I'll have to use this one somewhere...)
bulletFree downloads of CGI scripts for a wide variety of functions, from discussion forums and counters to search engines and randomizers, are at Matt’s Script Archive.
bulletThe CGI Resource Index is a living index of links to 880 CGI-related resources (and counting…)
bulletIf you’d rather stick with Korn Shell rather than Perl, check out Dana French’s home page. Dana has lots of free Korn Shell CGI scripts, from library routines to full applications (including SQL data bases).
bulletIf your server doesn’t support CGI, or you want a more convenient way to get a counter or a guestbook, you can use the free services provided by WebCounter at http://www.digits.com/web_counter/ or GuestWorld at http://guestworld.tripod.lycos.com/
bulletThe free Perl CGI library is available and supported at http://cgi-lib.berkeley.edu/
This library supports a large number of common functions, from parsing arguments to printing variables and handling errors. A great re-usable tool.
bulletThere are other approaches to dynamic web content. Learn about JavaScript (as opposed to Java) at
bulletInterNIC (Network Information Center) is the agency responsible for administering the internet name space. Registration of an available URL currently costs $35/year.
bulletRCSAi -- The Internet Content Rating Association is an independent, non-profit organization that empowers the public, especially parents, to make informed decisions about electronic media by means of an open, objective, content advisory system. The RSACi system provides consumers with information about the level of sex, nudity, violence, offensive language (vulgar or hate-motivated) in software games and Web sites. To date, RSACi has been integrated into Microsoft's browser, Internet Explorer, and MicroSystem's Cyber Patrol Software. Compuserve (US and Europe) has also committed to rate all its content with the RSACi system.


Pupils learn best when all the senses are used.  Children, in particular, need to see images to learn best.  I like to use maps and modern-day images of the Holy Land to make sure the pupils realize that the Bible contains real stories, not made-up stories.

It is fairly easy to locate Christian clip art, but harder to find Bible-story-related pictures that will help illustrate a lesson.  This is a selection of sources I have found useful.

bulletClipArt Web Site: http://www.clipart.com/
Searchable archive of 150 GB of images, many Bible images. Annual membership fee--watch for special offers.
bulletChristian ClickArt: CD-ROM
Excellent source of clipart. Categorized image catalogue provided in book format. Locate in local computer stores such as CompUSA, typically on sale at $29.95
bulletChristian Computer Art: http://www.cc-art.com/
Provides several CD collections; my favorite is the Bible Picture Library of Photo Art CD-ROM: 1800 color images, famous artists, photographs--excellent resource. ~$50 per CD, discounts for sets (somewhat expensive, but worth it!)
bulletEbibleTeacher - Computer in the Sunday School and Bible class: http://www.ebibleteacher.com
Excellent source for free NASA satellite maps.
bulletEbibleTeacher Children's Section - lots of graphics including a terrific selection of make-your-own Bible trading cards for a comprehensive selection of Bible characters: http://www.ebibleteacher.com/children
bulletBlueletter Bible Maps and Images: http://www.khouse.org/blueletter/images_menu.html
Mainly monochrome engravings, but a comprehensive collection of Bible story illustrations
bulletFree Christian Web Site Graphics Directory: http://our.homewithgod.com/bibletruths/WebGraphics.html
Links to other Christian graphics resources
bulletBible Lands: The Holy Land: http://www.lukepowell.com/
Scans of photographs of the Holy Land (100+ images)
bulletLots of specialty fonts (medieval, calligraphy) are available at excellent prices (or as shareware) at the Scriptorium, http://ragnarokpress.com/scriptorium/

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