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Balloon BunchWelcome to the Kidz Web Home Page! This web site is a section of The Sunday School Page and is designed for kids of all ages.   It is especially for pupils of the Fourth Grade Sunday School class of the Jersey Baptist Church, but everyone else is invited to join us.

The Java Plugin (Java Virtual Machine) is required for many of the games on this site.  Click here to download a free copy from Sun Microsystems.

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Welcome, Fourth Graders!
We're glad you're in our class.

We welcome the new Fourth Graders who are joining our class for a year of exciting Bible Study.  We're glad you're part of it, and we look forward to studying God's Word with you each week.  Click here for a copy of the welcome letter we sent to all our new Fourth Grade class members.

Come join us at 9:45 each Sunday morning at The Jersey Baptist Church!  If you aren't able to come, you can still enjoy some of the activities we use in class that we provide on this web site.

Click here for a copy of the welcome letter we sent to all our new Fourth Grade class members.

Click on Sunday Sessions to see what we'll be studying each month.
Click on Announcements for news about mission, ministry, and fellowship activities

See a newspaper article featuring our class in
(The Columbus Dispatch, May 4, 2002, Faith and Values section)

Bookmark this page and come back often. We're just getting started, and you won't want to miss anything!

Kids--download your own copy of the Tic-Tac-Toe and other games we play each week.  There's a new version each month, with new questions about what we're studying that month.  You can't play it on the web, but you can get your own free copy to run on your computer from the Trivia Quiz Shell Page!

Explore this site further on the Fun and Games page!

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NEW!Here are the most recent additions to Kidz Web Home.  Make sure to visit the Fun and Games page for the full list of activities!

bulletAugust Sunday School Sessions page is up!
bulletEsther animated and illustrated Bible Story (PowerPoint only)
bulletEaster Personalities Match Game--match the description of what they did to pictures and names of six people who were present at Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.
bulletTriumphal Entry Match Game added--place the events of Palm Sunday in the order in which they happened.
bullet10 Things you should know about Prayer
From the book by Susan Taylor Brown
bulletJeremiah Match Game added
bulletJeremiah animated and illustrated Bible Story (PowerPoint only)
bulletVideo Wall updated with this year's Fourth Graders!
bulletBible Story Page
Two new animated and illustrated Bible stories available -- PowerPoint versions only at this point.
bulletJesus at Twelve (Luke 2:41-52)
bulletQueen Esther
bulletThe story of Deborah and Barak has just been added to the Match Games page.  Help put the pictures of the story in the right order. 
bulletTry some very tricky questions about what the Bible actually tells us about Jesus' birth on the Christmas IQ Quiz
bulletCheck out the story of Lottie Moon in the new Missions section
bulletBible Story Page
bulletNew animated and illustrated story of the early church in Jerusalem available on-line.
bulletStories of Joseph, Paul and Silas now available.
bullet"Drag and Drop" Matching Games
bulletThe Story of Hannah -- 1 Samuel 1 tells the story of Hannah, the mother of Samuel.  Drag and drop the pictures of the story to put them in the order that they happened.
bulletConversion of Paul -- Drag the pictures of events in Paul's conversion from Acts 9:1-19 to put them in the right order.
bulletTwo Josephs -- Learn about two important characters in the Bible named Joseph.
bulletGivers and Gifts in the Bible -- Match the gifts to the people in the Bible who gave them.
bulletThe Day of Pentecost -- Learn about the events that happened on the day of Pentecost, fifty days after Jesus rose from the dead. 
bulletThe Prodigal Son -- Identify the characters in the story and then answer questions about the parable of the Prodigal Son.
bulletJesus Walked on the Water -- put the events of this story from Matthew 14:22-33 in the correct order.
bulletNoah -- drag and drop images of Noah's adventure to place them in the correct order
bulletJoseph (OT) -- drag and drop images of Joseph's life to place them in the correct order
bulletNaaman and Elisha -- identify the characters in the story (2 Kings 5) by dragging the character's picture to the action they took in the story.
bulletTen Commandments -- put the commandments in the correct order
bulletPaul and Silas -- drag the words to fill in the blanks in the story of Paul and Silas in the Philippian jail.

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Sunday School Teachers and Parents:
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bulletInformation on resources for teaching children
bulletInformation on Java Applet sources


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