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Java Technology Home PageMost of the Java applets on Kidz Web Home were obtained free of charge from various Java sites on the World Wide Web.  I have customized them to fit the Kidz Web theme.  You can find almost any type of applet if you're willing to search long enough.  This page contains some links and hints to help you get started.

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General Java Information

Java™ is a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems.  Most modern browsers include a Java virtual machine which can interpret Java code.  The code is referenced as a class file in the web page HTML in an <APPLET> tag, with <PARAMETERS> specific to the applet which determine details of its behavior.

Helpful Java information:

bulletSun Java Tutorial

Free Java Applets

bulletThe Applet Depot (Eric Harshbarger)
Eric provides many top-quality applets for free on his site.  Some of them included on Kidz Web Home are:
bulletVideo Wall
bulletWord Magnets
bulletMany of the sounds on these pages are played by an elegant little applet called AU Player, provided as freeware by Applet Orchard by Matts Högberg.   (Unfortunately this site is no longer available.) It has the very useful ability of triggering from JavaScript events. -- The #1 Java Review Service
Immense selection of free and commercial applets, with new applets added daily.  Recommendations by category and by top ratings.
bulletThe Java Boutique
An extensive collection of applets, organized by categories.  Typically a new applet is added each day. provides a good selection of free and commercial Java applets of all types.  

Commercial Java Applets

bulletCentron Software provides several educational programs, including the Internet Crossword Creator for $43.95 (demo available).  This package produced the Bible Crossword Puzzle on Kidz Web Home.
bulletJulie Ton's Experiment Planet contains a number of interesting applets available for license (including Java source) for a nominal fee. The only one currently on Kidz Web is the Coloring Page.

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See Also:

bulletGeneral Computer Resources (Windows utilities, WWW tools)
bulletChildren's Computer Resources (useful tools for supporting children's Sunday School).




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