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Bible Story Page

There are two types of Bible Stories on this page.  Both use Microsoft Agent technology to provide an animated narration of Bible stories.  

Online Bible Stories These stories can be viewed in your browser.
(Requires time to download the image files; only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer)
Each online story has a PowerPoint version available as well.
Bible Story Presentations These stories are Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, which you can download once and view as often as you like. (Requires Microsoft PowerPoint 97 or later)

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Online Bible Stories

Clicking on the Bible story title below will open a new 640x480 browser window and begin the illustrated story, narrated by James. For best viewing, do not reposition the new window on your screen.  You may also download a PowerPoint version of the story, which requires Microsoft PowerPoint 97 to view (it will not work in the PowerPoint viewer).

bullet The Early Church from Acts 2:42-47 an on-location newscast about what it was like to live in the Jerusalem church, with a flash-forward to today's church.
bulletThe Crucifixion from Luke 23:13-56
(PowerPoint version: 1.4 MB)
Important: This presentation requires a second Microsoft Agent character, Julius Caesar, a Roman soldier, in addition to James.  Caesar is a 4.7 MB executable download (which you will need to do only once) to view the presentation on-line, in the PowerPoint version, or to use in your own  presentations. Download Caesar now.
Caesar is provided by the creator, e-Clips Intelligent Agents Technologies, at  You will be able to use Caesar to view this presentation as well as in your own presentations once you obtain him.
bulletJoseph  from Genesis 37:12-36; 45:1-15 --
"The Story of Joseph", with emphasis on Joseph's forgiveness of his brothers and God's watchcare over Joseph
(PowerPoint version: 1.2 MB ZIP.  NOTE: PowerPoint version has additional section on controlling emotions)
bulletSaul's Conversion from Acts 8-9 -- "Jesus Helps People to Change" (how Saul's life was changed when he met Jesus on the way to Damascus)
(PowerPoint version: 1.4 MB ZIP)
bullet" Honor Jesus" from John 12:1-12 (The story of Mary's anointing Jesus' feet)
(PowerPoint version: .5 MB ZIP)
bullet Feeding of the 5000 from John 6:1-15
(PowerPoint version: .75 MB ZIP)
bullet Jesus Walked on the Water from Matthew 14:22-33
(PowerPoint version: 1.7 MB ZIP)

Bible Story Presentations

These presentations are currently available only in the PowerPoint version:

bulletEsther (6 MB, zipped)
Esther -- An overview of the book of Esther, with emphasis on taking a stand for God's truth.
bullet Jeremiah (and King Jehoiakim; 11 MB, zipped)
Jeremiah 36 -- This story helps children learn how God inspired the Bible and that He preserves His word.
bulletDaniel (1.7 MB, zipped)
Daniel 1:1-17 -- "Choose God's Way", the story of Daniel's choice to follow God's rules for food
bulletElijah (2 MB, zipped)
1 Kings 17:7-16 -- "God Gives Hope", contrasting "wishing" and "hoping" with the story of Elijah and the widow of Zarephath
bullet Friends (3 MB, zipped)
Acts 16:1-5; Philippians 2:19-24; 1 Thessalonians 3:2-6 -- "Help by Being a Friend", the story of the friendship of Paul and Timothy
bullet Gideon (5.7 MB, zipped)
Judges 7:1-21 -- "Trust God", the story of Gideon's defeat of the Midianites 
bulletJesus at age Twelve (8.5 MB, zipped)
Luke 2:41-52 -- "I Can Relate to My Parents": Mary and Joseph find their missing Son at the Temple in Jerusalem.
bullet Ruth (1.3 MB, zipped)
Ruth 2:1-23 -- "Do Your Best": Ruth as a willing worker (NOT NARRATED!)

Learn how to make your own presentations on the
Microsoft Agent page

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Using This Page

The Bible Story page uses Microsoft Agent technology. Before viewing it for the first time, you must do the following:

  1. Be running Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later.  (Microsoft Agent will not work with Netscape--sorry!)

  2. Install the Microsoft Agent File for the character James.  This is a large file, but you will only have to download it once.  Click Here to download James! (3.2 MB)

  3. Once you have downloaded the James.exe file, you must run it to install James.acs in the proper directory.

  4. Install Microsoft Agent.  This will happen automatically the first time you go to any of the online story pages; it will only happen once.  The browser will download the MSAgent and TruVoice servers and install them on your system.

  5. If you have difficulty, visit the Microsoft Agent site or the tutorial available at the Microsoft Agent Web Ring.

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Having Problems?

 Visit the Microsoft Agent Web Ring Setup page and check the Microsoft Agent Detector table at the top of the page.  It will check your system for correct installation of the Microsoft Agent capabilities, and allow you to download and install any components you might be missing.  You will need the first three components indicated in this table, plus the James.acs character, to view any of the presentations on this page (note that some presentations will require additional characters as indicated).

If you are running Windows XP, you will probably need the Microsoft SAPI download.  Get it at (without SAPI, the presentations will run but James will not speak in Windows XP.)

Users of PowerPoint 2002 or higher:

You will probably need to modify your security settings to view the MSAgent slide shows, but they will indeed work up to PowerPoint 2003.

You must allow the macros which power the MSAgent code to work. To restore this security setting to the way it was in earlier versions of PowerPoint, do the following:

  1. Click on the Tools menu at the top of the PowerPoint window
  2. Select Options, then click the Security tab
  3. Click on the button "Macro Security" in the lower half of the window.
  4. Change the setting to "Medium" (recommended). This will pop up a window when a presentation contains macros and allow you to select "enable" or "disable" when you open the presentation. You must select "enable" for the Bible Story presentations in order to view the animations and hear the narration.
  5. Click "OK," then "OK", re-open your presentation, and enable the macros. At this point all should work.


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Some images used in these presentations are from:


ClickArt Christian Graphics (copyright 1998, Broderbund Software, Incorporated)


Bible Picture Library of Photo Art (copyright 1998, Christian Computer Art)


ArtToday Web Site:

Microsoft Agent Character "James" created and produced by La Cantoche production –

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