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Israel, the Northern Kingdom

bulletUnit Thrust
Last month we learned about the Divided Kingdom which followed King Solomon, with the Southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin following Solomon's son Rehoboam, while the Northern tribes following King Jeroboam.  The Northern kingdom was led by a series of evil kings, each one worst than the last.  All of them worshiped false gods and led their people to do the same.  After many years of disobedience, the Northern kingdom was finally destroyed. 
bulletMemory Verse:
The Lord warned Israel and Judah through every prophet and every seer, saying, “Turn from your evil ways and keep My commands and statutes according to all the law I commanded your ancestors and sent to you through My servants the prophets.”
But they would not listen.

2 Kings 17:13-14 (HCSB)

bulletSeptember 1: Israel's History of Evil Kings
bulletScripture: 1 Kings 16
bulletBig Picture Question:
What kind of king did God's people need?  God's people needed a faithful king.
bulletLife Application:
We sometimes struggle to be faithful to our commitments, but we have a Savior who is perfectly faithful.
bulletChrist Connection:
God's people asked for a king to lead them, but no king led them perfectly.  God would send a king from heaven--His own Son--who would lead God's people back to God.  Jesus would be the King of all kings.
bulletSeptember 8: Elijah Confronted Evil Ahab
bulletScripture: 1 Kings 18
bulletBig Picture Question:
Who is the one true God?  Yahweh is the one true God.
bulletLife Application:
I can believe that Yahweh is the One True God.
bulletChrist Connection:
Elijah called on the power of God to prove to the worshipers of Ba'al that Yahweh is the one true God.  God would use His great power years later to raise Jesus from the dead, showing all that Jesus is the Son of God.
bulletSeptember 15: Elijah Ran from Jezebel
bulletScripture: 1 Kings 19
bulletBig Picture Question:
How does God help in times of trouble?  God promises to never leave or forsake us.
bulletLife Application:
I can trust God to be with me when I am afraid.
bulletChrist Connection:
God was in control when Jezebel wanted to kill God's prophet Elijah.  Jesus is the true and final prophet, and people wanted to kill Him as well.  God was still in control, and used Jesus' enemies to fulfill His plan to save people from sin.
bulletSeptember 22: Elisha and Naaman
bulletScripture: 2 Kings 5
bulletBig Picture Question:
Who heals us from our sin?  Jesus heals us from our sin.
bulletLife Application:
I can trust in Jesus to be healed of my sin.
bulletChrist Connection:
Naaman was sick with a skin problem, but God healed him.  All people are sick with a sin problem, but God forgives our sin and heals us when we trust Jesus as Lord and Savior.
bulletSeptember 29:  The Northern Kingdom Was Destroyed
bulletScripture: 2 Kings 17:1-23
bulletBig Picture Question:
Why did God scatter His people?  God's people sinned against Him.
bulletLife Application:
I can be restored to God's presence and favor by trusting Jesus as Lord and Savior.
bulletChrist Connection:
God judged the sin of the Israelites by removing them from His presence.  We have sinned, but Jesus took the punishment of that sin upon Himself.  He unites and restores us to God when we trust in Him.

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