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This is the start of our collection...suggest your own favorites to be added! How about adding a link to your own home page? Just send email!

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Kids' Sites

bulletEarthlink KidZone -- interactive, entertaining, educational.
bulletLissa's HTML Help for Kidsbanner
bulletLissa is a Florida seventh-grader who has a terrific page
for kids (or anyone!) with lots of help on how to make your
own web pages.

Search Engines for Kids

If you're looking for information on the World Wide Web, try one of these search engines designed just for you!

bullet Jeeves Ask Jeeves for Kids-- winner of PC Magazine Editor's Choice award
bullet [Yahooligans!]Yahooligans!

Help with School Work

Try these sites for getting information and help with research, papers, and other school topics:

bulletAwesome LibraryImage of a Library
bulletEducation Worldwpe1.jpg (64852 bytes)

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