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Tell us your story!

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Great Stories

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We'd like to read all kinds of great stories--your stories--about you and your friends and family: the things that you do, the games you play, the things that you like and don't like, and the places you go.

We reserve the right to edit stories for spelling and appropriate content! Inappropriate content can & will be traced back to your ISP, who may terminate your account.

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Parent's Notes

Writing stories is one of the best creative outlets that children have. On this page we encourage them to write about a theme that we set. This page is for children of all ages, even those with disabilities. If your younger child or child with a disability would like to send us a story, it would be a great opportunity for you both - your child as the Storyteller and you as the scribe. Children gain great satisfaction and pride from having their thoughts and stories published, and computers are a great motivator. And while they are letting their imagination run wild, they are also developing a wide range of language skills.

Note that we will not reveal any information to any other party beyond what you can see on the Java applet on this page. Note also that the email address is optional and that it does not appear in the applet.


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