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Last Updated August 02, 2002

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Note: if you are searching for Neil MacQueen's Sunday School Software site,
just click here: http://www.sundaysoftware.com.
Neil provides excellent resources for in-class, hands-on Bible teaching...give it a visit!

Accurate and timely records are essential to the ministry of a Sunday School.  Enrollment records identify the people under your school's watchcare and help you keep track of them.  Attendance records are the key to week-by-week ministry and  encouragement to your pupils.  Prospect records track visits and needs of those who are likely candidates to become a part of your school.

Computer support is a great help in improving your ministry. You need a system which will minimize time spent on Sunday morning to record information, but which will alert you to specific ministry needs in your school.  Your record system should directly support your classroom teachers as they pray, contact, visit, and minister in other ways to their pupils and prospects.

The Church Database Software package is an attempt to put in your hands a record system which will effectively track your church and Sunday School membership, prospect list by family and by class, and support your ministry in other ways.  It is available for free download from this site, with a request to remit a one-time charge of $25 to help defray expenses if you find the software useful.  On the downside, it is based on the DOS FoxPro 2.5 and comes with  no commitment for ongoing support.  However, the software will run fine under WIndows (from 3.1 to 98) and will function in a network environment.  It is in use by some dozen churches in Ohio and several other states, and I continue to make a best-effort offer of support for problems reported through this site.

From this sub-web you can learn more about the package on the overview page; download the program documentation as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file; download the entire program package or just the latest version of the application code; submit problem reports and suggestions; and contact me via email.

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