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Last Updated January 14, 2000

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The CHURCH Database Management Software is available to help manage your church and Sunday School membership and attendance information. This is a shareware package (try before you buy) which is available for free download from this web site. The main drawback of this package is that no formal support is available due to my time restrictions.

Table of Contents
Program Capabilities
Background Information

Program Capabilities

The Church Membership Database System is a set of programs and database files written in the FOXPRO dialect of the dBASE language for use on an IBM-compatible personal computer running the MS-DOS operating system. The programs are intended to be used to keep track of all data connected with members and prospects of the church and its organizations. The programs will support the following church program organizations and functions:

Church Membership Records

Sunday School Enrollment and Attendance

Prospect Visitation

Nominating Committee

Deacon Family Ministry

Mailing List Administration (labels, Rolodex cards, church directory, etc.)

Generalized Member Selection/Search and Reporting

Discipleship Training Enrollment and Attendance

Support of Interest/Talent Survey Information

Member Contributions

This system does not support word processing or other office automation tasks and does not deal with budget tracking or accounting issues.

Background Information

At this point, some dozen churches in the Ohio area are using this package in Sunday Schools ranging from less than 100 enrolled to over 1800 enrolled (the latter with a triple Sunday School organization). The program is based on the FoxPro for DOS (Version 2.0) database engine, which will run in any IBM PC computer environment from DOS to Windows 98. I have a development license from Microsoft which allows me to provide you with a run-time environment for the FoxPro engine. In addition, you will require the application program itself (CHURCH.APP) and the prototype database files, all contained in the program package. Full program documentation is also provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

This package is based on public domain software originally developed in Dbase III by Dale Eiceman of First Baptist Church, Arnold, Missouri. It was obtained by Jersey Baptist Church through Les Hoffmann of Trinity Baptist Church, Cambridge, Ohio. Most of the original database schema, reports, and attendance tallying remain unchanged. Many of the data input mechanisms have been modified by the current author.


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