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March 22, 2013

Vacation Bible School is one of the greatest opportunities we have to reach all people, especially children and preschoolers, during the summer months. It continues to be one of the most productive special events in terms of both finding prospects and leading them to the Lord.  This page will help you as you plan VBS 2012 in your church.

At the Jersey Baptist Church, where I have served as VBS Director, we will be using Colossal Coaster World: Facing Fear, Trusting God for VBS 2013.  It is published by LifeWay Christian Resources. The topical theme uses an amusement park setting, and the Biblical theme is 2 Timothy 1:7. "Through every twist, turn, and dive, Colossal Coaster World will challenge kids to face their fears and trust God. With excitement around every curve, kids learn that God has given them a spirit of power, love, and sound judgment. This VBS is the ultimate ride."



I will add resource links here as I find them.  Please send email if you have other items you would like to make available.  Come back regularly to see what's been added.

Reference Items: VBS Worker's Handbook

Red_Ball70A1.gif (916 bytes) National Day of Prayer for VBS (updated for 2013)
Red_Ball70A1.gif (916 bytes) General VBS Resources
Red_Ball70A1.gif (916 bytes) Saddle Ridge Ranch Resources (2010)
Red_Ball70A1.gif (916 bytes) Links (Check here for additional craft ideas)

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Visit the LifeWay web site for more great Colossal Coaster World clipart at www.lifeway.com/yourvbs/


May 19,

Pray for other churches!
Download list of churches
registering their VBS dates for prayer support
Click Here!
Join with other churches around the world to pray for this summer's Vacation Bible Schools!  To observe the National Day of Prayer for Vacation Bible School, you are asked to spend at least some time in your morning worship service on May 19, 2013, in corporate prayer for all VBSs around the world, including your own!  Pray for God's Spirit to move in winning boys, girls, men, and women to saving faith in Jesus Christ. -->

To support this prayer ministry, please register the dates of your VBS here.  The information will be available to others who covenant to pray specifically for your VBS, and is available to you to support others in prayer.

National Day of Prayer for VBS Registration Form

We will pray for Vacation Bible Schools around the world
and we request others to pray for our school.

Location (State [USA] or country): 
VBS Dates: 
Please use this format for dates:
     June 22-July 2

Note:  Your name, church, and VBS dates will be added to the downloadable list of VBS dates accessible from this page.  Your email address will be used only to send a one-time email confirmation, and will not appear in the downloadable list nor will be shared with any other organization.

Historical Informaton

bullet Faculty Training Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint format as used at The Jersey Baptist Church for our VBS worker's meeting.  Read slide speaker's notes for content and presentation hints.  The 2001 version of this material is provided as it can easily be updated for the current theme.
bullet  View pictures of classroom decorations from Jersey Baptist Church Saddle Ridge Ranch VBS, from our school held July 19-23, 2010.
bullet This page is a collection of general VBS ideas and tips which may be helpful.
bullet A children's Gospel activity booklet is available from Moments with the Book in conjunction with the Christian cartoonist, Ron Wheeler.  A free .PDF format version is available on line, or printed copies may be purchased for as little as twenty-five cents each.  This is a well-done piece presenting the plan of salvation through coloring pages, mazes, and connect-the-dots in a story format that will capture the attention of children.  
bullet Suggestions to pastors on how and why to communicate with children during VBS (and other times) can be found at A Message to Pastors.
bullet A VBS attendance promotion idea that I have used successfully for over ten years, the Gum Tree, is detailed on VBS Attendance Promotions.

A recent version of the Vacation Bible School Worker's Handbook that I provide to each member of our faculty and staff, with encouragement, logistics, schedules, and organization. View it in PDF format (1.31 MB) or download the Microsoft Word document (1.16 MB) to adapt for your school.
Note that some items have been intentionally omitted from this Web version, either in the interest of privacy or download time:

  • Workers names and telephone numbers

  • Supply lists for children and preschoolers

  • Various other reproducible items from the Mt. Extreme VBS Director's book, such as age-group characteristics, etc

bullet We enlist a personal prayer partner for each worker from those not directly involved in VBS, and ask our congregation to undergird our school in prayer.  This Prayer Suggestion List helps provide knowledgeable prayer support for our school. View it in PDF format or download the Microsoft Word 95 document to adapt for your school.
bullet A good VBS will reach people, but a good plan is required to continue to minister to these people through the ongoing Sunday School organization after VBS is over.   The VBS Transfer Plan will help you accomplish this important goal.
bullet Let us share a powerful testimony about the positive influence of VBS in the experience of one church in Columbus


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